Hi. You have found Sudarshan Kadam's home on Internet. I am a self proclaimed blogger/photographer who loves watching/reading detective stuff but does not really qualify to be one(detective) himself.

Below are the links to various places on Internet where you can find me. Feel free to explore and please leave comments so that I also get to know you. I also try to maintain some Wiki's where I wish to share my (small amount of) knowledge. If you wish to contribute, please contact me through respective Wiki sites.

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Life, Love and Logic

My first and favorite blog so far. I started writing here back in 2007 and have got a lot of interesting people as readers.

Life, love and logic is just a personal blog. I just write whatever I feel like here...

The Perspective

This is my photoblog. I have been fond of clicking photos of things since I laid my hands on my first camera (which was actually a mobile phone with camera, but err... never mind). Just have a look.. I am no professional photographer... but I would like to be one some day.


ऐका हो ऐका

ऐका हो ऐका .. थोडेफार मराठी लिहिण्याचा केविलवाणा प्रयत्न... जास्त अपेक्षा न ठेवता बघा...

The Tales of Life

Few short stories written by me. I have a lot of them in my mind but you never know when I will feel like committing them to words. Read.


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